It is time!

Congress has shown it is powerless to represent the people. It is equally obvious that the NRA is not interested in saving lives when it would impact profits for their supporters (gun/ammo manufactures).

This is NOT about the 2nd Amendment. I support that as I do all of the Constitution.

This is about lives lost and lives at risk and a gutless political body under the thumb of a small special interest lobby. Students, concert audiences such as in Las Vegas and so on.

Time to ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines and other military grade killing equipment.

Students Are the Key

The wave of student unrest in the wake of Parkland is long over due. The message to politicians is clear. Reaction to these shootings cannot lead to an immediate political response such as we heard from leaders like Paul Ryan after each deadly incident, "It's not yet time" to talk about gun legislation.

20 dead children in Sandy Hook should have been the time. Nothing happened.

144 children dead but still not the time?

20 dead children,sandy hook

Today's protesters now understand that the GOP values money over their lives. This goes beyond the gun issue, it includes the move to delete their financial future by crippling Social Security. It includes the move to delete their access to health care by crippling the ACA and Medicaid and the Children's health care act.

It's about their attempts to allow employers keep your tips!

It's about "tax reform" that overwhelmingly rewards the rich at your expense.

You are or soon will be of age to vote. Your voice can make the difference between keeping things as they are or electing people willing to say NO to the NRA and the gun lobby.

Go vote or shut up!

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