It is time!

Congress has shown it is powerless to represent the people. It is equally obvious that the NRA is not interested in Democracy when they are also colluding with Russians to launder money funneled to the GOP.

The more we learn the more the possibility grows that the Trump campaign and the RNC conspired to over turn our nation's government with the full cooperation of a enemy power. I conclude this because of the knowing use of stolen data by Trump as well as several other GOP candidates. None of these actors reported this stolen data to the FBI as they were obligated to do making this a criminal conspiracy.

This is an opinion based on known facts.

Our Youth is the Key

Take Back Congress 2018 the follow up with the White House 2020.

Today's protesters now understand that the GOP values money and power over their lives. This goes beyond the gun issue, it includes the move to delete their financial future by crippling Social Security. It includes the move to delete their access to health care by crippling the ACA and Medicaid and the Children's health care act. Pursue the plan to move more of our national wealth up to fewer and fewer super-rich people, 4 of whom already own as much as the entire bottom half of our nation's citizens combined.

We cannot just print money. The more that is in only a few private hands means less available for the entire population to share.

It's about their attempts to allow employers keep your tips!

It's about "tax reform" that overwhelmingly rewards the rich at your expense.

You are or soon will be of age to vote. Your voice can make the difference between keeping things as they are or electing people willing to say NO to the NRA and the gun lobby.

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Vote Liberal, protect Democracy
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Go vote or shut up!

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