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Education key to YOUR future?

Education is the key to prosperity for you and our nation. Crushing debt is key to financial ruin.

Only PROGRESSIVES are trying to alleviate the high cost of education and reduce or eliminate massive student debt.

Only PROGRESSIVES are fighting to protect your reproductive freedoms.

Only Progressives a fighting to protect YOUR constitutional right to vote.

Only PROGRESSIVES are fighting for a fair minimum wage and less income inequality.

Only PROGRESSIVES are fighting to protect workers rights to organize for their own benefit.

Only PROGRESSIVES are in this fight for the average citizen, not for corporate plunder.

Your Vote is the Key

Take Back Congress 2018 the follow up with the White House 2020.

Americans now understand that Trump and the GOP values money and power over their futures.
Trump average approval below 40%.


Help distribute this flier. We use Fivver but you can do your own leg work or choose an alternative.

Vote Liberal, protect Democracy stop GOP

Two flyers available. Please consider printing and posting where ever you can.

  1. Progressives for Education

  2. Progressives for Democracy
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Go vote or shut up!

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