trump loyal to putin
Which is the loyal American? ( Hint, it's a trick question )

Congress has shown it is unwilling to protect the nation. The GOP majority is more interested in protecting their own power and privelege than upholding their oat of office.

As news has shown almost on a daily basis, Trump is getting scared, erratic and dangerous. His own staff indicated he is a danger to our republic. He has repeatedly denied facts, attacked our own institutions yet never uttered a bad word toward Vladimir Putin who has directed cyber attacks against our election system and our democracy.

He stated that perhaps it should be illegal for citizens to protest...that the media is the enemy of the people.

He asked DOJ in a Tweet to not prosecute or investigate Republicans.

He wants our Justice Department to devote it's efforts to protecting him personally over protecting our nation's security.

He chose a nominee for the Supreme Court who he believes will declare that he ( and by extension all future presidents ) should be above the law, untouchable regardless of any crimes or danger to our nation. The GOP is pushing to place this person on our higher court at any cost to the nation.

The GOP majority congress has turned a blind eye to his potential criminal actions, his declared danger to our nation and his amoral and unethical behavior, making the party complicit in the president's actions.

Your Vote is the Key

Take Back Congress 2018 the follow up with the White House 2020.

Americans now understand that Trump and the GOP values money and power over their futures.
Trump average approval below 40%.


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